Our competitive Eclipse teams in the U9 through U19 age groups are determined via a tryout process that takes place in May each year. Once teams are selected and registered, players will compete with their Eclipse team June-November and then return for our Spring Program March-May prior to tryouts the following year. During the June-November season, players have the opportunity to participate in three practices each week. Depending on the age and competitive level of the team, a team will play 2-6 tournaments and 8-15 non-tournament games per season, most of which will take place in NorCal Premier fall competitive leagues and NorCal State Cup (U10-U19). Teams/players may also participate in various club events throughout the year, including camps, clinics, etc. During the winter, Eclipse teams have the option to participate in indoor soccer and/or futsal leagues, or individual players can participate in our Eclipse Winter Program.


At Eclipse, we have created a unique program that allows players and families a wide range of opportunities to play yet also have flexibility to play other sports and enjoy family time. The program was created based on years of research into theories of how to properly develop athletes and how to also keep them safe from the high risks of overuse injuries and physical/mental burnout.


Our competitive program structure has been built around a complete player development plan that progresses players in their technical, tactical, physical, mental and social skills from the age of 5 through the age of 18 in a healthy and safe manner. Coaches plan practices based on this club-wide development plan while maintaining a coaching style that goes in line with our philosophy.


Commitment Expectations

At Eclipse, we are very understanding of the busy lives of our players and their families. We understand that families take vacations, kids play other sports and that other conflicts may come up. What we ask as a club is that you do your best to attend as many practices, games and tournaments as you can for the benefit of your player’s development and the team’s development. The more time your player spends at soccer, the more the coaches can help improve their skills. Regular attendance by all players of a team is extremely important to the continued development of the team. As a general guideline, players on Eclipse teams U9 and older should aim for at least 75% attendance over the course of the season. Some of our older, more competitive teams may have stricter commitment standards, which will be discussed when your player is invited to the team.