Congratulations to all of our 2011-2015 teams who completed their first-ever NorCal Premier State Cup experiences! Competing throughout the fall through opening group play, secondary group play (in some ages), and then single-elimination knockout brackets provided for some amazing competition and memorable experiences! While our 2005-2010 teams have their knockout State Cup games taking place in the Spring, the 2011-2015 teams played their full State Cup runs out in the fall and into the early winter. Congratulations to our teams who made the finals in their State Cup brackets!

2012 Boys Lunar (Silver 2)
2013 Girls Lunar (Bronze 1)
2014 Girls Black (Bronze 2)
2015 Boys Red (Bronze 4)

2011 Boys Lunar (Bronze 2)
2012 Girls Lunar (Bronze 1)
2013 Boys Lunar (Silver 3)